About Us

After years of dedicated services, K.K.SOFT – has become synonymous to offshore solutions of the highest plinth in the industry. Serving various requirements in the field of Information Technology (IT) and developing cutting edge solutions, the company has established itself as a highly reputed IT solutions provider globally. Working with a variety of clients from different geographies of the globe, we have developed unmatched systems and maintained an unfazed focus on quality, which can be easily validated by the large list of satisfied clients.

Services Par Excellence

At K.K.SOFT, we make available some of the most celebrated services in the IT industry. With undeniable focus on client satisfaction, our services circumvent solely around the requirement of the client.

Quality is our forte

Every single member who is a part of the K.K.SOFT team appreciates and acknowledges the relevance of quality. Our services are always endeavored to generate unprecedented results for the clients. Not only are they efficient, but our systems and processes are also proving their consistency in the industry. We continuously evaluate and improvise ourselves with the help of feedback and quality management. In the long run, we intend to contrive our services and maximize the client's level of satisfaction. Moreover, we continuously evaluate, with the help of feedback and quality management, our services and the level of satisfaction that they have generated for the clients. Maximum satisfaction for them is our sole endeavor.

A Team That We Take Pride In

Our team consists of professionals who have been handpicked after a rigorous selection procedure. Not only are these individuals experts in their respective fields, but also hold the experience which adds more value to the solutions that are developed at K.K.SOFT.

We, as a team, are dedicated towards offering the most effective and relevant solutions. It is our knowledge that is not kept stagnant, as we continuously are on the mode of re-learning and development. Not only do we take into our stride modern software skills, but we also adopt new technology and better functionalities. All of these reflect in the solutions that are on offer.

Client is still the King

All our solutions are meant to offer the clients and their businesses such products and services which help them in seamless movements towards the accomplishment of their goals. Therefore, we never offer run of the mill solutions and instead let customization be the cynosure of all our activities. Moreover, our 'Stage Breaking' process breaks down all our offerings into small stages. This facilitates continuous evaluation and overview of performance, on part of the client. Hence, one can be rest assured about the quality and uniqueness of service that is going to be on board.